Hudson Blake INSPIRE

Hudson Blake INSPIRE offers courses for adults with Learning Disabilities surrounding Employability.  

Only 6 % of people with learning a disability and 15 % of people with Autism are in paid employment, yet most want to work, and what paid employment there is often is low paid and part time.

Negative attitudes or low expectations of people with a learning disability. Their families, carers, managers and colleagues may have low expectations from them, which bring about negative perceptions about their abilities with regard to their employment

People with a learning disability may face unfair treatment, discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace.

We believe that all individuals should be given the opportunity to develop skills and to be supported into meaningful employment and have equal access to learning and development opportunities

For Employers-

If you have someone with a Learning Disability on your workforce and want them to have a skill/qualification but know you need someone who can make the training bespoke then the courses below can offer this.

For individuals-

If you want to upskill and want a smaller group, accessible information and approachable trainers then please get in touch.

For Education establishments-

We also offer group workshops where we can come and support your class with a variety of skills through the day. 

Personal Development

Personal Presentation
Mental Wellness
Dealing with Stress
Interview Skills
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Finance Planning
Personal Development
CV Writing
Reason Emotion Behaviour Therapy
Body Language

Employment Training

Report Writing
Health & Safety Basics
Fire Training
Effective communication
SMART Goal setting
Expectations of Employers
Infection Control
Food Hygiene
First Aid
Time Management
Money Handling