Opportunities at Hudson Blake

If you are interested in Working with Hudson Blake please contact us on and we can talk requirements over a coffee. 

Do you have a Professional registration in the Health and Social Care sector? 

Hudson Blake uses only the best instructors to maintain our reputation for quality, evidence based training. All our instructors for Health related topics are qualified professionals from either Nursing, Social Work, OT or Physio backgrounds. 

To meet a growing demand we are looking to expand our freelance base of instructors and currently looking for Practitioners particularly in the field of Clinical Skills and Social care on an ad-hoc bases. 

Hudson Blake prides itself on engaging, interactive sessions run by people who have hands on experience with the topics being taught. 

Subjects we are particularly interested in are:
  • PEG care
  • Catheter care
  • Bowel Management
  • Syringe Driver (T34)
  • Advanced Medication 
  • Syndrome specific such as Prada Willi, Cru De Chat, Down Syndrome
  • Finance planning/management 
  • Care Certificate
  • Learning Disabilities and
  • Mental Health
Applications must:
  • Be active on a professional register
  • Have teaching/Assessing experience
  • Shop floor experience of the subjects taught and regular CPD evidence
  • Able to adapt to a changing classroom environment
  • Offer a variety of teaching styles for different learners
  • Be able to travel to a variety of locations 

If your interested please get in touch and we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss further.