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Epilepsy Week!


It was purple day yesterday and with that in mind, we have been looking at resources for Epilepsy. We came across this awesome Epilepsy awareness video that gives a clear description of what it is and how you can manage seizures such as Tonic Clonic, Absence and Focal. The video is by Epilepsy Action so feel free to watch it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG12JfJJW9U

Here in Hampshire, we follow the First Seizure Pathway for treatment. This isn’t too dissimilar to other areas of the UK but part of the pathway is using an MRI. I was really excited to hear that a local organisation was tasked with finding an appropriate ear defender that does not contain metal. This will offer some relief from the noises of an MRI. This will be a fantastic resource for People with Sensory Difficulties and more inventions like these can go a long way for individuals with Learning Disabilities! Also, if you are looking to book an Epilepsy Awareness course, please check out the following link for more information. https://www.hudsonblake.co.uk/learning-disability-courses.php

Remember to support Purple Day and go check out some of the Epilepsy Organisations!

Posted 25 weeks ago