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Epilepsy Awareness with Midazolam


One of Hudson Blake’s most popular courses is Epilepsy Awareness with Midazolam. Understanding, helping and caring for people with epilepsy is important for any workplace or home setting. The safe administration of Midazolam is vital for learners caring for individuals with prolonged or clusters of epileptic seizures.

From this experience, our learners will be able to offer a better care for others. Our course follows the guidelines set out by the ENSA and Royal College of Psychiatrists.

How the course works:

We use interactive scenarios, quizzes and our personal work experience to explain epilepsy holistically. In the 6 hours, learners are assessed by our trainers in a 1:1 simulated situation on safe administration and we then sign off their competency document that we provide. Refresher courses are 4 hours with the option of doing the full 6 hours.

Course Contents:

- Understand what is Epilepsy and its epidemiology.

- Know the causes of Epilepsy and process diagnosis of Epilepsy.

- Recognise the different types of seizures (including Management and First Aid).

- Appreciate the impact of having a long-term condition.

- Effectively record, risk manage and identify support needs.

- Use recording charts and care plans confidently.

- Know the available treatment options and focus on medications, including averse effects and interactions.

- Emergency Medications available and administration.

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Posted 15 weeks ago